About Us

Our strategic vision allows us to be a global exclusive event designer and producer, providing one-stop event solutions with 100% customer satisfaction.

Diet Event company is a renowned full- fledged event management and organizing company grounded in hong kong, putting together a puzzle of unique experiences full of dynamism in managing, innovating and organizing high quality events as we make each event a unique experience, and offering that remarkable difference that makes each occasion a special episode.

We are very passionate about events we manage, driven by the search for new ways of transmitting and reaching the peak putting at disposal (cannot use word disposal) – need to be replace. of each client the best of ourselves: our “know how”, our creativity, transparency and experience. We assume the objectives of our clients as our own, which makes us live each phase of the process intensively.

Our excellent work portfolio differentiates us in the market as a brand that is positioned in the design of special events with original concepts, making use of the sensory image to generate great emotions that will remain engraved in the hearts of our clients and their attendees.


We take actions on the opportunities that are presented to us on a daily basis, intuit and act positively on all problems that may occur effectively.

We understand the series of rules must be respected in addition to contributing to the growth and harmony of the environment in which we operate and the people we interact with.

Our works are of maximum tranquility and transparency.

Our conviction to finish and not leave things that are important, for the formation of a successful project is what makes us unique.

We are well known for our excellent and top notch service for our client and all the event we organize.



Here at diet, we value great capacity of our celebrations to provide attendees with the possibility of finding memorable place to experience and feel differently creating experiences and generating emotion for our end customers. our concentration lies in marketing a comprehensive 5-star event service for companies and individuals. as we design, create and manage various type of event such as meeting conferences, corporate and gala dinners, e t c.

We start from the study of marketing, and the client business, to create event aiming at a unique creative vision capable of transmitting the client ideas, vision, mission, objective and strategy into unforgettable realities with dynamic event organizing strategies.

We have put together what you need to organize successful events here, and we are here to accompany you at each stage of the organization, in order to limit unforeseen events, omissions, and unwanted moments of organizing, we pay detailed attention to the key part of successful event, which making sure it is well planned.




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